A Smart Golf Caddy For Your Smart Phone

When I got my iPhone home from the Apple Store and unpacked it I was impressed with everything that it was capable of doing; however, it should have come with a manual that told me just how much of a slot nexus time sink owning a smart phone could be if you just started using it without learning how to use it productively. I’ve compiled a list of some of the tips and tricks that have saved me a lot of time and headache. By applying some or all of these principles you should find yourself getting may more done using your smart phone while you’re out of the office. Following are just some of the methods you can use in order to be smart with a smart phone…

Avoid checking social networking sites and email constantly

Schedule certain times during the day for checking email and social media sites. Facebook and Twitter can easily take up vast amounts of your time if you don’t plan their usage into your busy schedule. I try to only check my social media accounts every few hours and to only spend ten minutes at a time logged into them.

Apply the GTD principle of “capture everything”

The “capture everything” principle requires that you input everything you must process each day into your device. Input appointments, to do lists, notes, next action steps for tasks already on your lists, phone calls, etc. By putting everything into one place you can more effectively manage your staggering list of tasks to complete each day.

Turn off connectivity a for some parts of your day oneplus nord 2 ce 5g

Most smart phones allow you to disable the Internet access temporarily. If you find yourself becoming distracted, simply disable the Internet connectivity while you are trying to concentrate on your work and then enable it again when you are available again.

Ensure that your calendar and address book are kept current

You can utilize one of the various syncing applications to keep these up-to-date. I hate nothing more than trying to contact a vendor or client and having the information that I’ve stored in my device be incorrect.

Write/record notes for yourself

Take advantage of roulette online live voice recording applications to leave yourself audio reminders of the things that you must do. I also use this functionality to record voice memos containing the details for projects that I come up with throughout my day. Later I listen to them and input the relevant details into my project management software.

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